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Subaru Customers act NOW - New Subaru for sale Essex

Here at Perkins Subaru, we have been experiencing high demand for New and used Subaru. So much so that the stocks for 2020 are running low. We want your current Subaru in part exchange and hopefully, we will be able to locate the New Subaru you want  if we dont currently have it in stock.

With Subaru's biggest stock clearance for probably 10 years, to make way for new models arriving in 2021, now is an excellent time to purchase as  there are massive discounts available to our lotal customers.

£3000 off New Subaru Forester e-Boxer----------------£4000 off New Subaru Outback-----------------------£2000 off New Subaru XV e-Boxer----------------------4.9% APR across the New Subaru car range.

Here is the important bit -------------Subaru are changing  from 5 yr 100k warranties to 3 year 60k miles ! Worldwide, Subaru's have this 3 year 60 000 miles warranty and in the UK, this has been backed up by an extra 2 years and 40 000 miles for the last 6 years. However, this is now changing back to be in line with the rest of the world warranty ( its pretty much 3rs /60k for most brands) so we have the rest of December 2020 to register the remaning vehicles and from January 1st 2021 , the New car warranty is 3 years and 60 000 miles.

With the big cash discounts available on the current models and if regeisterd before Dec 31st 2020 the car get 5 years 100k miles......if you are thinking of buying. Now is the time.

Call our sales team on 01376 550899 to book your test drive- We have demo's avaialble that have been fully sanitised with PPE fitted and ready to drive today.