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New & Used Car Market Explained

At Perkins, we like to advise our valued customers of how the market is working and the current climate is a complicated one of which requires explanation of how to buy your next car in late 2021 and into 2022.

The main reason for the change in the market that we operate in is due to the global pandemic we have all experienced. Although many of us have been jabbed and in lots of ways, the feeling is that we are back to a bit of normailty, in the motor industry , this is not the case. The lead time for the sourcing of parts to build these amazing new cars we want to buy and drive is long and complicated. You may have read that car manufacturers are short of "semi conductor processing chips " - What is that we hear you ask ? Well, its being going on for over a year. Initially it stemmed from increased demand for personal computers, tablets and smartphones, at the height of the pandemic, which diverted supply away from the automotive sector ( as production was ceased in car plants , so was the ordering of semi conductors ).  This  has now extended to Covid related semi conductor factory closures and international shipping ports being closed of  which the predicted numbers of 700,000 LESS vehicles being built for 2022 delivery and perhaps even more is not an unrealistic claim.

 Lets discuss brand by brand as far as we are concerned :

SUBARU -We are sold our of new cars for 2021 . We have been allocated 51 new Subaru for 2022 which is all the SUBARU we will get in 2022. So, if you have a new Subaru in your plans for 2022, then we can help. We will get you your required model and colour but we will need to order your specification in our 2022 allocation. New Outback is currently available to test drive at Perkins as we have a demo vehicle for you to enjoy ( We have Forester and XV too ) and as an example for you, we have taken 7 orders this year for New Outback, all in the last month and the first one we get delivered is in late March 2022. These have all been sold factory orders which take priority over stock vehicles so it gives one an idea in the delay for new product.

MG -We are sold out or new cars for 2021 - The numbers and complexity differ here. MG are setting new standards in Electric vehicle ( EV ) product at a price point that is the market leader. Indeed, the number of New MG's sold now in the UK is above Honda and Renault to name just 2. If you are considering New MG then you are definately at the forefont of the new car change cycle. Excellent cars at very affordable prices with 7 year warranty and some great technology on board. We are currrrently taking 2-3 orders a day on new MG cars with expected delivery dates for March- April 2022. This pattern will extend throughout next year so if you are thinking about a New MG for March/ April 2022 then you should be making that decision very shortly. Again, if considering a New MG in September 2022, , when perhaps you current car finance deal ends, then put that order in by Feb/ March of 2022 to ensure delivery. We would also at this point, like to throw in the factor of price rises in 2022. We have no doubt that manufacuring costs have risen globally for all manufacturers, not just in automotive. Expected price rises for new cars are currently 5- 10 %. On a £25,000 car , that a considerable £2500 price increase that you may be able to avoid by ordering in 2021. We have a demonstrator available in all New model MG so you can test drive all variants currrently available for sale at Perkins MG - We cannot sell these demonstrators as we cant replace them either, but you CAN order your new car. See all our offers on our New MG website - www.perkinsmg.co.uk

USED FORD CARS / VANS / TOURNEO / RANGER - Perkins have always sourced the highest specification, lowest mileage Ford vehicles availabe in the market place, offering a considerable saving on Nearly New Ford cars, vans and trucks. As the New car market has been suffocated with supply , the used car market has steadily, and in some cases quite drastically,  risen in price and diminished in choice. Market forces taking control. We have continued to buy and re-plenish our sold stock. Our stock levels have decreased from 120 used Fords in stock to closer to 60 as the numbers of used cars available have dried up  for the whole market. In this market, we can't see an ending for cars as yet.  It's pointing to a more normal used car market by the end  next year. Commercial vehicles are more like the end of 2022 too before we see a more " normal " supply and availabilty. However, dont be too concerned. You can still buy a Nearly New Ford. Maybe your choice is a bit more limited and the prices are higher, but your part exchange has also risen in value and the cost to change is not that different , or even might be the sale as what it would have been in a more "normal " market.

WE BUY ANY CAR -  Do you really get more for your currrent car ? Do you really get a better deal on your next car ? Do you really get the price youve been quoted online ?

Well, we've tested the process over the last 6 months against real data from customers part exchanging their vehicles with us. We had 2 concerns. Were we delivering the best customer experience and service ? Were we paying the top used car valuation price ? 9/10 customer who used this online valuation process, still part exchanged their vehicle with us after they had been to have their car valued. Plus, there was no worry with pick up and delivery of their new car as they just drove to us.