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Local Used Ford Sales Centre Braintree & Chelmsford

July 24, 2017

At Perkins we are constantly holding 150+ Used and Nearly New vehicles in stock so you have a massive choice of model, colour, variant and specification available for you to buy. Our experieinced sales team will listen to your requirements and help you decide the right vehicle for you in your price bracket. We are FCA approved so we have  the answers to your finance queries and we can also help if you are one of the many customers in the market place that are currently running a PCP deal and perhaps want to change the direction of financing your next vehicle. You are not the only one who is finding the numbers don't add up like you were told they would when you last bought your car elsewhere and we have  Hire Purchase offers at very low rate APR's to perhaps balance you out from your previous purchase into your next new/used car.

With a choice of Ford vehicles from the whole range of cars available to you, we can explain the technology of this brilliant range of vehicles are equipped with and we take the time to ensure you understand what you are looking at and there is no rush or hassle to buy at Perkins Nearly New Ford Centre.

If you have a diesel engined car, it's no problem. Yes there has been much  talk in the media and not so much by the manufacturers that diesel engined cars are bad and dirty and undesirable but that is not neccesarily true in the current used car market and these comments in the media are not really relevant to used cars or part exchange valuations at this current time (24.07.2017) as the process will very likely to be only  applicable to NEW vehicles and that time is still a way off. There are some vehicles ( as always) that are less desirable in the market that perhaps being diesel may affect the value but those hardest hit are currently the VW brand of which the reasons are obvious but most other marques have not been affected as yet, so shop with confidence if you have a petrol or diesel vehicle to part exchange.

We are definately seeing a trend towards petrol engine cars whether they are small or large but for MPV's and 4x4's the diesel variants are still popular and values remain strong - The fuel efficiency of these larger people carriers pretty much balances out the emissions CO2 ratings for use and ownership life so don't be put off because of media opinions. We are all individual and we all have our own usage and reasons for purchase so we all have different circumstances for change and we are here to help you through that process.

Stock changes every day and if you are looking for a particula Ford/ Subaru or MG that you cannot see in our stock then CALL US on 01376 550899 and ask for the sales team and tell them what you are after and we iwll see if we can find it for you.

Alternativey, you can e mail us at and we will contact you back immediatley.

Many Thanks - Sales Team



New Used Pre Reg Delivery Mileage MG 3 for sale Braintree Chelmsford Dunmow

July 20, 2017

mg 3 for sale chelmsfordused mg 3 for sale braintreePerkins MG Essex have secured 7 New MG 3 models that we have pre-regsitered on 17 Plates in the last week and we are proud to bring back our MINIMUM £1500 PART EXCHANGE OFFER  on ALL of these 7 cars available. However, there is only 7 and then there will be no more as the new 67 plate is looming in a few months and we need to clear the spaces for new stock to arrive. We have also negotiated a mega low rate Finance offer if you wish to take advantage ( subject to status).We have also re-introduced our very successful DEPOSIT MATCH TO PAYMENT scheme which is simply the deposit you pay equals your monthly payment over 60 months and at the end of the agreement, the car is yours. Yes you got it, no PCP mileage constrictions, no hidden costs, no stress or fuss. Pay for it and own it is what our valued customers are telling us and we have got a great deal lined up for you to take advantage.

Take a look at an example of what Perkins MG have available in July 2017 -

EX17ODE - MG 3 Form Sport in White on the Tiles - with Climate Control, Cruise Control and DAB Audio with just 11 miles at £10695 - £1500 for your old part exchange - £169/ month over 60 months at 4.9% APR - You own the car at the end of the agreement

EX17OCN - MG 3 Style LUX in Ruby Red with White Roof - with Leather, Climate, Cruise Sat Nav and DAB Audio with just 9 miles at £12190 - £239 Deposit and £239/ month over 60 months at 8.9& APR- You own the car at the end of the agreement.

Just great value motoring and with MG Service costing  the same as a Ford Fiesta at under £200/ annum, Low Insurance group 4 and 45 mpg on the combined, this superb Super Mini is well worth consideration if you are looking to change your current car.

CALL 01376 550899 to arrange your sale appoointment or simply pop in - CM77 6Sa for yout navigation.


Used Subaru Outback for sale Braintree/Chelmsford

July 19, 2017

used subaru outback for sale essexpre reg subaru outback It is not a mainstream motor car that is for sure but when it comes to an extremely spacious, unique and capable esate car to cover all terrains, on road and off road, a new or used Subaru Outback should be a massive contender on your list of cars. The Subaru All Wheel Drive Symmetrical drive system is without doubt one of best in the world and Subaru's BOXER flat 4 engine is technically unrivalled in balance , smoothness and low noise vibration that  creates  a low centre of gravity to enable one of the best handling estate cars on the market . However these factors are just the tip of the Iceberg.

Get behind the wheel of this spacious vehicle and the technical design and simplicty are a marvel of modern design. Thoughtful positioning of all the controls required to drive this car makes the driver feel at home. The touch and feel is quality as well as robust and the perfection in engineering becomes apparent immediately.

The Outback is fitted with Subaru’s tough four-wheel-drive system, which means it can show some bigger and pricier 4x4s a clean pair of heels off-road. It also has a 200mm ride height and panels that protect the underside of the car to help it over rough terrain. Engine options comprise a 173bhp 2.5-litre petrol and a 148bhp 2.0-litre diesel, while there’s a SE Premium as the main model available there are still  a few SE models in the market place that are without the PREMIUM spec of Leather/Memory/heated seats/ power Sunroof/ power Tailgate but still a very nice specification vehicle.

It’ll come as no surprise that the 2.0-litre diesel is the more efficient of the two engines,  of the two to drive they both have  a lot of character and mid-range pulling power. Both are great for towing and off-road driving. Though it takes a bite out of fuel economy and emissions, the Lineartronic automatic gearbox is worth considering if you plan to use the Outback off-road, as it has a special mode that sets the car up for slippery surfaces and maximises grip which is quite breathtaking to behold in action.

As an A and B road car, the Outback has a high seating position for a safer view of the road and the suspension is compliant and surefooted in its execution. The paddleshift controls behind the steering wheel allow instant upshifts for overtaking if more power is required and the gear change is almost imperceptible in AUTO mode, it really makes a nice change to be in complete control. On a motoway cruise the Outback also excels.  A steady 70-75 is barely 2000rpm which makes cruising a comfortable environment for driver and passengers alike and our demonstrator 2.5 petrol is averaging 36 mpg with a decent mix of all roads and our diesel demo that has just been sold was averaging 44 mpg - REAL WORLD DRIVING for sure which ties is very nicely with the manufacturers figures too.

EYESIGHT is the standard safety feature on all Outback Lineartronic models and soon to be standard across the whole range of Subaru cars. It is a a safety sytem related to anit-collision control paired with adaptive cruise control. Above the rear view mirror on the car, there are 2 "eyes" that watch the road in front to help you negotiate your way over the British roads with safety and confidence in any unforseen circumstances that may occour. Ask a member of our sales team for a demonstration of how great this system is.

You need an estate car for family life and want to be a little bit different ? You require strong residual values and low cost running ? You need off road capability and one of the safest cars in the world ? Come and drive a Subaru Outback and tell us what you think.

The Subaru Outback  finished 20th out of the 75 cars ranked in the Car Buyer  2017 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey of cars currently on sale in the UK.


New Subaru WRX STi PCH offer low cost new car deals Essex

July 17, 2017

perkins subaru cars for sale essexsubaru wrx sti final edition perkins essexFor the first time ever, Subaru UK and Perkins Subaru will be promoting Personal Contract Hire. PCH is the fastest growing finance product in the automotive sector and continuing to grow month on month. In conjunction with LEX, Subaru UK and have put together some extremely competitive offers on Subaru WRX Sti until stocks run out.

New Subaru WRX STi for  £329 + VAT / month over 48 months with a £2961 + VAT Deposit with mileage allowance of 8000/ annum (mileage can be adjusted and will alter the monthly payment).

Of course, as a business, you can claim back the VAT element of this deal but if you are a private individual, it is no problem, the numbers are £3554 Deposit and £395/ month.

We have all colours in stock currently (17.07.2017) and this offer will continue until stock has run out. There are currently just 65 new WRX STi in the UK so it is a first come first serve offer.

Take this opportunity to drive and enjoy one of the lasy examples of this iconic motor car. Steeped in World Rally history and coveted by owners. This car truly is the last of the AWD rally monsters of an era that due to European Emissions directives will soon not be available to buy in the UK. Never had one ? We have a demonstrator to experience if required. We are open 7 days and are located at CM77 6SA for your navigation or CALL 01376 550899 to arrange your test drive.

Perkins Subaru are an FCA registered and approved dealership


New Subaru BRZ PCH low cost £249/ month Perkins Subaru

July 17, 2017

pch brz offer perkins subaruFor the first time ever, Perkins and Subaru UK is promoting Personal Contract Hire on the stunning New 2017 Subaru BRZ . PCH is the fastest growing finance product in the automotive sector and continuing to grow month on month. In conjunction with LEX, we have put together and extremely competitive offer for a New Subaru BRZ.

New BRZ 2.0i SE LUX 6spd manual or FREE Lineartroninc paddleshift gearbox Upgrade over a 48 month deal with 8000 miles per annum allowance (mileage can change to suit requirements but monthly payment will differ) - £249/ month + VAT with  your customer deopist of £2988 + VAT or  £3586 including VAT. Of course if this is a company purchase from your VAT registered business, then you can claim back the VAT element but if you are a private indivudual, then it's no problem - your numbers are £298 / month with a  £3586 deposit.

Use the car for 48 months and give it back or you may also purchase at the end of the the agreement if you want to at an agreed amount with LEX Automotive.

We have vehicles in stock and please note that the Auto  Paddleshift option is FREE OF CHARGE on this vehicle. Metallic Paint is £550 extra - All prices are ON THE ROAD - Motability / Caravan Club / BASC and NFU discounts are excluded form this offer - Business and Private users only - CALL 01376 550899 - CM77 6SA for your navigation


Subaru New car Deals explained for the Summer 2017 Essex

July 17, 2017

We have some exciting news at Perkins Subaru for the Summer and some great offers available to save you money on the purchase of  a new Subaru.

1. We have 12 month - 50/50 -  0% finance offer available on New Subaru XV/ Forester and Outback until September 2017 end along with a £1000 Depsit contribution from Subaru UK.

2. An extra £500 discount if you order any new Subaru SUV (XV/ FORESTER/ OUTBACK) in July 2017 (offer expires Monday July 31st).

3.PCP Exclusive offer - On Forester D XC model only there is an enhanced offer to entice your business. Subaru UK will contribute £1750 customer deposit and Perkins Subaru will contribute £750 to make a total deposit of £2500  towards your deposit of £6897 to get a PCP deal to £299/ month over 48 months with  6000 miles per annum mileage allowance (mileage can be extended but monthly payment will change).

4. PCP Exclusive offer - On Subaru Outback 2.0D SE Premium Lineartronic only there is an enhanced offer to entice your business. Subaru UK will contribute £2500 customer deposit and Perkins Subaru will contribute £1000 to make a total deposit of £3500 towards your depoist of £6305 to get a PCP deal to £379/ month over 48 months with 6000 miles per annum mileage allowance ( mileage can be extended but monthly payment will change).

5. Personal Contract Hire Promotion - PCH - For the first time Subaru are promoting PCH which is the fastest growing finance product in the automotitve sector and continuing to grow month on month. In conjunction with LEX, we have put together a extremely competitive offer on these 2 sporting models in the range - The WRX STi and the Subaru BRZ sports coupe. Its very simple to understand and offers an opportunity to drive one of these exciting models that might otherwise be out of reach.

NEW BRZ 2.0i SE LUX Manual 6 spd or with FREE Auto Upgrade - £249+ VAT / month over 48 months with 8000 miles per annum allowance (can be changed and montly payment will differ) - Your deposit is 12 x £249+VAT which is £3586 incl VAT.

NEW WRX Sti  - £329+ VAT / month with 8000 miles per annum allowance (can be changed and monthly payment will differ) - Your deposit is 9 x £329+VAT which is £3554 including VAT .

Of course these deals are available to business customers and therefore the VAT element can be re-claimed but even if you are not VAT registered you can still go for one of these exciting offers at £299 / month with  a £3586 deposit for the BRZ or £395/ month with a £3554 deposit for the WRX STi - - This deal includes a 4% discount contribution from Perkins Subaru to enhance that monthly payment and it is while stocks last of what we have available to us. Also if metallic paint is required ( Crystal White Pearl is a no cost option) there is a further £550 that is required.

BRZ is a current model and will remain so. Unfortunatley, the WRX STi is finishing production soon and there will be no replacement for the car in the foreseable future. The emissions and Euro VI  constrictions are changing the way the motor industry functions as lower emissions are required to try to help our environment for ours and our childrens future.

We currently have almsot every model in stock at Perkins Subaru in most colour combinations so we should be able to satisfy your requirements. You can CALL us on 01376 550899 to arrange your appointment to discuss your future purchase and we will guide you through the process and offers available to ensure you get the very best deal available.

We are open 7 Days for convenience. - CM77 6SA for your navigation - Hope to see you soon at the dealership.

Piers Terry- Dealer Principal - Perkins Subaru Essex


Used Ford Edge 210ps for Sale Braintree Chelmsford

July 17, 2017

used ford edge Lux 210 ps for saleNew arrival into stock at Perkins Nearly New Ford Centre this week is the rather delicious Ford Edge Titanium LUX 210 ps TDCi Powershift with just 3000 miles at a price busting  £30995 + Road Tax.

The Ford Edge is a family-sized SUV with an impressively practical interior lurking within its sizable dimensions. It’s comfortable, easy to drive and comes with a good collection of safety aids. Ford is hoping to make a step upmarket with this car.

 Moving up to Titanium spec also brings the choice of a twin-turbo 2.0-litre diesel with 208bhp and 450Nm of torque. The sole transmission choice with that engine is the six-speed automatic gearbox, however. Sport models also get the same engine choice as the latter, but with chassis and styling tweaks to help it live up to its name. 

That starting price for a New vehicle is almost as much as that of a top-spec Mondeo Vignale, but at least you get plenty of kit. 19-inch alloys are standard on Zetec models, as is Ford’s SYNC touchscreen with a DAB radio, a rear-view camera, dual-zone climate control, keyless start and Active City Braking.

Although the top-spec Edge Vignale is priced to compete with cars like the top range  BMW X3 , it’s actually considerably larger in both size and weight - and feels as composed and as  upmarket as those rivals. The cheaper Edge models make the most sense when new to make a direct comparison which is why we concentrate on Nearly New models to get you the best value deals in the market place today.

Ford makes it clear that the Edge is targeted at premium buyers, and the driving experience reflects that. It goes about its business in a relaxed and refined manner.

The Edge is one of the largest mainstream SUVs on the market, and you really feel that on tight country lanes or in town. With a width of nearly 2.2-metres it’s bigger and wider than a Ford Kuga but feels more like a RR Sport sized car without the running costs.

Zetec and Titanium models get a more comfort-biased suspension setup than Sport models, which receive firmer springs, bigger wheels and an adaptive steering system. The ride on the former is impressively smooth and soft around town, absorbing potholes and ruts with ease. The specification of this particular model is superb with Full glass Panorama Roof that opens and SONY Premium Sound and SYNC 2 Navigation / LED Headlights which are just amazing in the dark, Active park assist and Hands free tailgate to finish off this great specification motor car.

Thinking about a change ? Come and have a test drive and see how this car compares to other cars you might be considering. It really is a rather splendid addition to the range of vehicle available at Perkins Nearly New Ford Centre.We are open 7 days and to find us put CM77 6SA into your navigation or CALL us on 01376 550899 to arrange a test drive.


VIGNALE Mondeo Estate for sale Chemlsford & Braintree

July 14, 2017

used ford vignale perkins mondeonearly new mondeo vignale for sale chelmsfordPerkins Nearly New Ford Centre nr Braintree and just 8 miles from Chelmsford City have a huge choice of Ford models in stock and we have 3 recent additions to our range of vehicles that may interest you if you are considering one of these rather special Ford cars.

Three estate cars have arrived as low priced used car prices that will certainly cost you lees in your pocket than any other comparitive vehicle (if there is one?)

65 REG Vignale Estate  4x4 Auto in Nocciola /Cashmere Luxury -WinterPk Park Assist- Hands Free Pk Adaptive cruise 14k £22995

66 REG Vignale Estate 210ps Auto in Ruby Red/Cashmere Luxury-Pan Roof-Massage Seats-Hands Free Pk Privacy 5k £25995

66 REG Vignale Estate 210 ps Auto Deep Impact/Cashmere Luxury -SONY SYNC3- Pan Roof-Suspension Pk Massage Seats 10k £25995

VIGNALE vehicles are differnt to Titanium X models with Leather wrapped dashboards and trims with a ride and driving experience that must be sampled at Perkins Nearly New and used Ford Centre - CM77 6SA for your navigation or CALL 01376 550899 to arrange your test drive -Open7 Days 

MG GS for sale Chelmsford & Braintree

July 14, 2017

perkins mg gs for sale essexused mg gs perkins mg essexThe New MG GS SUV is a vehicle that is definately worth your attention if you are in the market for a new or nearly new SUV. With the teriffic 1.5 SCTi Smart Turbo petrol engine technology mated to the slick 6spd manual or 7 speed CVT automatic gearbox in the EXCLUSIVE models, the smooth and cosseting ride on the road feels like an MG should with the poise and character we all now expect in a new car. Being relatively new to the UK market, the MG product is ceratainly well put together with engineering at the heart of the cars DNA that offers something different to all the other SUV's on the road today. With MG Motor's superb 5 year 0 % Finance offer as well as some great PCP offers, maybe it is time for you to consider a New MG as a car to experience at your local MG dealer Perkins MG.

The MG 5 year manufacturer Warranty and 80 000 miles protection gives peace of mind knowing that you have the back up if required although the reliability of this new car has been faultless in our experience with the vehicles. We  have  demonstrators available in manual and AUTO for you to experience for an extended test drive if you require and of course, we want your part exchange so help lower the cost to change on transactions so please click on the PART EXCHANGE tab on the website for an instant online valuation guide of your current car to give you an indea of how little is costs to drive a new MG GS.

Prices start at £14995 and the top of the range EXCLUSIVE DCT AUTOMATIC  car is £21095 OTR which is price busting in this market place and choice of SUV. Perkins are located just on the edge of Braintree town centre and just 8 miles from Chelmsford City.

We are open 7 Days for convenience and operate under the FCA for financial regulation ensuring you get the best advice and guidelines when purchasing a new or used car from Perkins - CALL 01376 550899 to arrange yout test drive.



Used AWD Ford S-Max Vignale for sale Chelmsford

June 19, 2017

perkins vignale ford vignale perkins rayneA wonderful edition into our Nearly New stock is the outstanding VIGNALE from Ford. This wonderful car was registered in October 2016 on a 66 Plate has covered 5000 miles and as you can see is finished in Tri coat Platinum Pearlescent paint with Cashmere Premium Luxury Leather inside. Massage Multi Contour Power/Memory Seating with Rear Climate Control for your  passengers. Panoramic Opening Glass Sunroof which is the full length of the roof (just glorious in this Summer heat) Active Park Assist  (when parking yourself is just a little too stressful) Front & Rear Vision Camera's for accuracy and safety and of course the Hands free Tailgate with Keyless Entry and GO complement the already massive specification of all Ford VIGNALE models. This particular car also has Ford's superb All Wheel Drive Intellegen 4x4 drive train mated to the superb 2.0 TDCi 180 ps diesel engine. With models such as these, diesel is the only viable engine option and with Ford's Low Emission Technology, you are in safe hands when it comes to road fund licence ( £135 ) - Fuel economy is 48.7 mpg on the combined cycle and performance is more than adequate to satisfy all road conditions that your journeys may offer.

With Adaptive LED Head Lights the road in front is highly visible when dark and the amibient interior light package gives a warm sense of perfection when driving this machine. Fit and finish on the VIGNALE product is a cut above it's competition with Leather trimmed dashboard/ Seats and Door panels and the increased noise reduction package on all VIGNALE models means the car is whopser quiet when cruising. If you are considering a Ford MPV and you cannot quite decide what car will suit you your needs the best, then just call us on 01376 550899, book your test drive appointment and  we can help you with a package that ticks the boxes for you and your family. 


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