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Ben Collins the Stig drives the New 2015 Forester from Subaru

Watch The Stig Drive The New 2015 Forester

Ben Collins, the Stig from Top Gear and now Clarkson Hammond and May's cohort in their new show, gets to drive some of latest cool Subaru SUV's availableĀ at Perkins Subaru Essex. You will start to notice that the Subaru range of cars are becoming a more common site on the UK roads as they have introduced the full range of "world" products in the UK over the last few years. The New Forester is one such vehicle along with the Levorg and Outback. There is still the WRX STi and BRZ performance model videos to come one would think, but don't wait for the video, come and have a test drive today at Perkins Subaru.

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