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Ford Mondeo- The real car review

Mondeo real car review,

For the last 8 months I have been driving a New Model Ford Mondeo 1.6TDCI Zetec Business hatchback. My little girl has named it the magic car, but more about that later. I have now clocked up around 9,500 miles in the car including some long trips and family holidays. I must say that I really like the new shape Mondeo especially the front end, I do think it looks very elegant and sleek but at the same time a little rough around the edges a bit like a diamond. I do like the new look that the Ford range has taken. I have to say that I am keen on the Ruby Red Colour and I think that it helps the car look a little smaller as it is a big family car.


The model I have been driving has cloth trim which I have found very comfortable, but it did seem to stain when I spilt some coffee while trying to multitask on the way to work. As a man, I should know that this would not end well. After a quick wipe with a wet wipe it did clean up, but I would probably say that I would want to have the cloth Supagaurded or have leather to make my life a little easier. Talking of making my life easier, this car has the Ford Sat Nav which does work really well when I’m being stubborn and will not ask for directions. I do like how the SAT NAV leaves pebbles on the map if you have gone this way before, a bit like Hansel & Gretel. I also love how the car remembers where I was when I’m listening to my podcast. But without doubt the best feature of this is being able to load a picture of my family as the background.

Now onto the magic part of this car.  This Mondeo is fitted with Ford’s Active Park so the cars will parallel and perpendicular park (like in Tesco carpark) all by itself which my 3 and 2 year old thought was magic as daddy did not have to touch the wheel. I have used this quite a bit especially when I wasn’t sure if the car would be able to fit into the only space left on the high street. The other thing that the car can do is make them disappear behind tinted glass so no one can ever see them. I love how their minds work.


Right, where to start? I took two kids, my wife and half our belongings on holiday last year to Sherwood Forest (has to be a car salesman and bandit joke in there somewhere) and I was really impressed.  We took everything including high chairs and a travel cot and still had space in the boot, which is one of the biggest I have seen on a normal car - it is large enough to fit a small country in. I have managed to fit in 4 sets of golf clubs with carts with no problem before, plus averaging 60.4MPG – I think that’s pretty amazing! The other side of the coin is that this is a big car so sometimes it is a little harder to find a parking space with enough space to get the kids in or out.  Because all the mother and baby spaces are full with cars that don’t have any kids in them L rant over.

I would say that the car was very practical as it did really eat up miles - last week I travelled 700 miles and I have to say that it didn’t feel like anywhere near that many. I have also averaged 50 MPG over the time I have had the car, which for a big car, I think is very good, especially as I have a heavy right foot.


I must say I do think that the Mondeo is a very good car and it does suit my life with lots of space for the kids in that back plus a big boot for everything. I have really grown to love the extra space and feeling you get from driving a big car - I would be sad if I was told that I would be coming out of this car, but I know that my wife is not happy driving it as she thinks it is a lot bigger than we need.  I think space is a lot like speed…can you ever have too much? Now that I don’t use the double buggy and both children are in front facing car seats, she might be right, but when I get to change my car I really do think that the Mondeo is going to take some beating. Is it because I have become attached to it or is it because it is really that good? Probably a bit of both.  I would love to try out some of its competition to see how they match up against it.  I still feel the worst thing Ford has done is called it a Mondeo and not changing its name but maybe I have to “unlearn” what a name means.  Time will tell.

Well I think I have bored you all enough with my rants and opinions,

Till next time keep safe.

Alan Player - Perkins Sales Team

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