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Perkins Mille Miglia Adventure

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So here is a little story of our adventure through Italy in July 2015 for a 5 day thriller travelling on the Mille Miglia route of 1000 miles from Brescia and back and a few little pictures to help along the way. The chosen vehicle was a Subaru WRX STi Type UK 305 ps and our classic Ford Focus RS along with 2 BMW and 2 Ferrari amazing and rather humbling experience for all that took part- 12 chaps- 6 cars -5 days - 1 amazing journey !

So we flew to Milan (well Ryan Air so we had to push the last bit ) and picked up the cars from the transporter (it worked out about the same as driving all the way down so it was an easy decision) and then the journey began. The temperature was 41 degress on day 1 - phew !

So first stop was lunch obviously  - Brescia in northern Italy and the start of the official Mille Miglia race which was last held in 1957, stopped after the tragic events of the year earlier where spectators were killed. We were struggling to park until some friendly policemen saw the Ferraris and all of a sudden we could park in the main square right next to the cafe for lunch...these Ferraris had a common theme  for the whole 5 days - If you are in Italy with a will be adored - and rightly so !

So we followed the route that Sir Stirling Moss broke the record for in 1955 ( now imagine travelling 1000 miles in 10 hours, no motorways at 97.9 mph AVERAGE SPEED ! ) which was certainly stunning visually as well as challenging for the drivers. The coastal roads on the way to San Marino for the second day were flat and gourgeous and as  we prepared for the climb to this beautifull state in Italy up the twisty hairpin bends with Ferrari exhausts rattling the windows of the business' that line the climb, we followed our train of exotica considering the sounds and sights that the inhabitants have experienced over the last 50 - 60 years and how lucky we were to be following the thousands of journeys that have been enjoyed by so many.

On to ROME...........see next story in news section


after lunch

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