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At Perkins Subaru Essex we cars about your Subaru and we just wanted to tell our valued customer base about a great product that over 90 % of our service jobs are having assigned to them.  At the beginning of 2016, we started to offer a great product from  Techron which is an engine treatment for petrol and more importantly,  diesel motor cars. Techron works to eliminate build-up that some fuels leave behind.

Over time, grimey carbon deposits can collect inside the engine of your cars engine and fuel system and if left unchecked, these deposits can result in lower fuel economy , reduced power, hesitation during acceleration and increased emissions into the atmosphere.All modern engines are designed to work and are at their most efficient when they are clean.

Maintaining engine cleanliness is more critical than ever as manufacturers now produce engines with finer tolerances where even low levels of deposits can impact on your cars performance. A treatment is recommended every 6 months or 6000 miles, whichever arrives sooner. A single treat will remove harmful deposits from the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers. By using this product on many of our customers cars and even our own vehicles, we can see how effective Techron P and Techron D is for curing deposit build up and preventing deposit build up. It is the preventative treatments that keep your car in good health alone with regular maintenance and servicing and at Perkins Subaru, we just like to take that responsibility off your hands and into ours.

At just £19.95 + VAT ( £23.95) it is well worth adding it to your mantenance schedule. Just call 01376 550899 or add it to the " Instruction"  section of your online booking when you book your service and /or MOT with Perkins Subaru. We offer Courtesy vehicles in manual and automatic gearboxes, we also offer a free pick up and delivery service to our local customers in the Essex area.It is a big county, but you are worth it.

Please note that we also carry out a full quality control process before, during and after the completed work to ensure your work is completed right first time and ALL our technicians that work on your Subaru are fully trained by Subaru. You will also receive a video to view on your hand held mobile device by SMS and email aswell as an e mail that goes to your given address for you to approve any repair or service work carried out on your vehicle before we start.

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