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Subaru WRX STi Essex

subaru sti wrx type uk essexsubaru wrx sti essex

An athelete's soul - A champion's heart- A High Performance legend  reborn.

For fans of motorsport worldwide, it takes just three letters to spell thrilling performance : STI. The all new WRX STi offers fresh styling, but the bonnet scoop and dramatic, downforce -generating rear spoiler leave no question about what it is, or what it's built for . Beneath the surface, it generates performance that is more focused and more invigorationg that ever.

From the moment you first fire it up, the all new WRX STi all but begs you to let it loose on whatever curvy stretch of asphalt you can find. It's frame has been made 40% more rigid for unbelievable control, and to make the most of every bit of ferocious grip coming from it's exceptionally balanced Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive powertrain.

Its track-tuned suspension is more responsive that ever with more rigid  pillow ball bushings, an increased spring rate, stiffer front and rear stabiliser bars and additional rear subframe support. This torsional rigidity and stability has reduced body roll by 16% and has helped increase lateral acceleration by 7%. It also features the Multi-mode Driver's Control Centre Differential (DCCD), which allows you to tailor the torque split between the front and rear wheels.

The WRX STI has a 2.5 litre Turbochraged SUBAU BOXER engine generating 300PS and 407Nm torqueto provice acceleration of 5.2 SEC and a Top Speed of 159 MPH but it is perfoemnace you can also modify with SI-Drive - this allows you to select three different levels of response from smooth and effieciant, to totally unhinged. Coupled with a 6 spd quick-shift transmission, this STi model allows you to harness that performance into your natural feel of the drive. BREMBO Brakes help to build confidence in this awesome motor car and the Subaru Dynamics Control with Active Torque Vectoring helps to keep you safe in all conditions.

What you can guarantee with this mightly motor car is the "one of a kind" poise and grip from Subaru's Symmetrical All Wheel drive system will keep the smile on your face from day one and the new interior is designed to heighten your driving experience by putting contols and information you nedd where you expect to find them. Crips electroluminescent guages deliver information with hardly a glance, whilst the new Multi-Function Display can be modified to offer a wife variety of vehicle dats, including a digital boost guage. The front seats feature deep, sporting bolsters and with Alcantara inserts, the interior welcomes you  in any conditions hot or cold.

Perkins subaru Essex have a a good selction of new and Nearly New WRX STI's in stock and waiting. Currently colour choice and delivery are limited for 2015 so the next orders are working on a delivery for JUNE 2015. There is only a limited supply to the UK so to avoid disappointment, call us on 01376 550899 and get your test drive booked and then get your order in for 65 REG delivery.

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