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Used Subaru Outback for sale Braintree/Chelmsford

used subaru outback for sale essexpre reg subaru outback It is not a mainstream motor car that is for sure but when it comes to an extremely spacious, unique and capable esate car to cover all terrains, on road and off road, a new or used Subaru Outback should be a massive contender on your list of cars. The Subaru All Wheel Drive Symmetrical drive system is without doubt one of best in the world and Subaru's BOXER flat 4 engine is technically unrivalled in balance , smoothness and low noise vibration that  creates  a low centre of gravity to enable one of the best handling estate cars on the market . However these factors are just the tip of the Iceberg.

Get behind the wheel of this spacious vehicle and the technical design and simplicty are a marvel of modern design. Thoughtful positioning of all the controls required to drive this car makes the driver feel at home. The touch and feel is quality as well as robust and the perfection in engineering becomes apparent immediately.

The Outback is fitted with Subaru’s tough four-wheel-drive system, which means it can show some bigger and pricier 4x4s a clean pair of heels off-road. It also has a 200mm ride height and panels that protect the underside of the car to help it over rough terrain. Engine options comprise a 173bhp 2.5-litre petrol and a 148bhp 2.0-litre diesel, while there’s a SE Premium as the main model available there are still  a few SE models in the market place that are without the PREMIUM spec of Leather/Memory/heated seats/ power Sunroof/ power Tailgate but still a very nice specification vehicle.

It’ll come as no surprise that the 2.0-litre diesel is the more efficient of the two engines,  of the two to drive they both have  a lot of character and mid-range pulling power. Both are great for towing and off-road driving. Though it takes a bite out of fuel economy and emissions, the Lineartronic automatic gearbox is worth considering if you plan to use the Outback off-road, as it has a special mode that sets the car up for slippery surfaces and maximises grip which is quite breathtaking to behold in action.

As an A and B road car, the Outback has a high seating position for a safer view of the road and the suspension is compliant and surefooted in its execution. The paddleshift controls behind the steering wheel allow instant upshifts for overtaking if more power is required and the gear change is almost imperceptible in AUTO mode, it really makes a nice change to be in complete control. On a motoway cruise the Outback also excels.  A steady 70-75 is barely 2000rpm which makes cruising a comfortable environment for driver and passengers alike and our demonstrator 2.5 petrol is averaging 36 mpg with a decent mix of all roads and our diesel demo that has just been sold was averaging 44 mpg - REAL WORLD DRIVING for sure which ties is very nicely with the manufacturers figures too.

EYESIGHT is the standard safety feature on all Outback Lineartronic models and soon to be standard across the whole range of Subaru cars. It is a a safety sytem related to anit-collision control paired with adaptive cruise control. Above the rear view mirror on the car, there are 2 "eyes" that watch the road in front to help you negotiate your way over the British roads with safety and confidence in any unforseen circumstances that may occour. Ask a member of our sales team for a demonstration of how great this system is.

You need an estate car for family life and want to be a little bit different ? You require strong residual values and low cost running ? You need off road capability and one of the safest cars in the world ? Come and drive a Subaru Outback and tell us what you think.

The Subaru Outback  finished 20th out of the 75 cars ranked in the Car Buyer  2017 Driver Power owner satisfaction survey of cars currently on sale in the UK.


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