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Subaru Outback for sale Essex Nearly New

Perkins Subaru have re-stocked our Nearly New and used car display along with Pre-Reg Subaru Outback at our dealership in Rayne just outside Braintree Essex and we have some fantastic value for money for you to take advantage of. The Outback is perfectly equipped to deal with A roads , B roads and off road with the incredible Symmetricall All wheel drive system available on all models in the range but this is not the key part to the Subaru range. Lets look at some reviews. Click on the links and take in some information, then call us to arrange your test drive and make up your own mind - We are open 7 days for convenience and we are located at CM77 6SA for your navigation.

What it does do is conquer all surfaces with consummate ease. Ignore the marketing spiel about mountaineering with surfboards in the boot – the fact is that on gnarled UK roads, often covered with mud, grit, leaves, or just indeterminate drizzle, the Outback just gets on with it. Full-time all-wheel drive eliminates wheelspin, and that long-travel suspension, together with squidgy tyres, means the ride’s properly soothing too. An Audi A6 Allroad is more ‘sporty’, but it lacks the Outback’s bulletproof toughness.

At first glance, the interior is a vast improvement on the old Outback’s, but beneath the surface there are a few annoying quirks. While the touchscreen infotainment system is relatively easy to use, the glossy screen shows up fingerprint smudges and reflects light badly, making it difficult to see.There’s a mix of materials on the dash and centre console. The top of the dashboard is covered in soft-touch plastic, but lower down things are harder and feel cheap.

We’ve no complaints about the Subaru’s standard kit list, though – it includes cruise control, reversing camera, heated leather seats, keyless go, sat-nav and Bluetooth.

With the central touchscreen controlling many of the functions, the basic layout of the Outback’s centre console is clean. The dash has been decluttered and doesn’t look as busy as before, but it still feels dated.

 SE PREMIUM models come with automatic LED headlamps, cruise control, Active Torque Vectoring, 17-inch alloy wheels, heated front seats, electrically-adjustable driver’s seat and tinted windows, as well as a seven-inch touchscreen. a sunroof, keyless entry and push-button start, 18-inch alloy wheels, leather seats and a powered rear tailgate.

Reliability and Safety

A strong safety suite and Subaru’s good reliability reputation should make the Outback a sound bet

Choose an Outback with CVT transmission and it’ll come with Subaru’s ‘EyeSight’ technology. The company believes it’s the most advanced crash-preventing system on the market, and includes two cameras in front of the rear-view mirror that continuously scan the road ahead for obstacles and pedestrians.

It also features a lane departure warning system and adaptive cruise control, while Subaru claims it can actively prevent an accident at speeds of up to 31mph.

The focus on safety has paid off, as the Outback has been awarded a five-star rating in EuroNCAP's crash tests, with strong scores in all areas and maximum ratings in side-impact and 18-month-old dummy tests. Adult occupant safety is rated by the organisation at 85 per cent, child occupant safety at 87 per cent and pedestrian safety at 70 per cent.

Off-road, the Outback's permanent, symmetrical all-wheel-drive system helps it to stand out among its peers. Its approach, departure and break-over angles are greater than those of most rivals, too, helping you traverse even deeply rutted tracks with greater confidence.

There are two things to consider before you pull the trigger on a Subaru Outback. Firstly, diesel models have a lower towing limit than the petrols (1800kg vs 2000kg), and secondly, Subaru's newly launched Eyesight safety system, which includes lane departure warning, city braking and adaptive cruise control, can't be added to manual models.

Even so, the Outback is cheaper than similarly sized premium rivals, a bit more upmarket-feeling than more budget SUVs and is characterised by that unpretentious, durable, 'go anywhere for the rest of time' feel that Subaru loyalists swear by.

For the majority of buyers, though, we still think buying the cheaper, faster, cleaner, more frugal and similarly spacious and well equipped Skoda Octavia Scout is what you should do. That said, the Outback is certainly worth more of your consideration than ever before.

And finally, what have we got in stock ?

BK65KDK Outback 2.0D SE AWD 6spd Manual Crystal White Pearl 17000 miles  £19995

BT65JVF Outback 2.0D Premium AWD 7 spd Lineartronic Crystal White Pearl 22000 miles £21995

BV66LHX Outback 2.0D Premium AWD 6 spd Manual Crystal White Pearl 8000 miles £23995

BU16XNX Outback 2.5i Premium AWD 6spd Lineartronic Ice Silver 9000 miles £25495

EU66YJA Outback 2.0D Premium AWD 7 spd Lineartronic Tungsten 100 miles £30995

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