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Beat the Price Rise for Subaru 2019

As a duty of care to our Subaru Customers - all have been notified who have bought cars from Perkins Subaru already by letters and mails, and as of January 1 st 2020 the New car Subaru prices are going up  by a significant enough amount to make a difference to your pockets.

Under the Paris agreement to reduce Co2 emission standards for passenger vehicles a new EEC regulation comes into effect that affects the prices of new Subaru cars - Prices as follows :

 Subaru XV 1.6i SE and SE Premium up by £2000

XV-eBoxer Hybrid  2.0i SE and SE Premium up by £2000

Forester 2.0i (remaining 19MY cars) up by £3000

Forester eBoxer Hybrid 2.0i SE and SE Premium up by £2000

Outback 2.5i SE and SE Premium up by £3000

Impreza 1.6i SE up by £2000

Levorg 2.0i GT Touring up by £3000

BRZ manual up by £5000 and BRZ Auto up by £4000

We have an extended offer until the end of 2019 on NEW Levorg and NEW Outback of £1000 Discount off the retail price off the car if you are a current Subaru owner too. To extend the offer , Perkins Subaru have also offered that £1000 discount off every Used and Nearly New Subaru we have in stock but this offer runs out on November 24th 2019 for the USED CARS.

Hybrid Subaru Chelsmford for saleDiscounted new SubaruNew Levorg Subaru EssexDiscounted New Subaru Outback