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The Best Used Cars to buy in 2024

So lets have a look at the best Used cars to buy in 2024 at Perkins Nearly New Ford and MG Centre. With over 120 Used cars in stock, we have broken it down model by model to give the oportunity to pick the right car for you and your family's requirements.

FORD FIESTA - The first Ford Fiesta was born in 1976 and has had 7 generations up to he current 23.5 Model Year cars .Its NEW car journey may be over but Perkins will still continue to stock this fantastic supermini. Best in its class for 30 years and still ticking all the boxes of what we need from Ford's iconic motor cars.

MG 3 - Here the MG 3 joins the similar in size class to Fiesta. Available in 2 models, the EXCITE and EXCLUSIVE variants. Both with the same 1.5 Litre VVti engine with enough power to nip through the city streets and also  criuse to your destination on the highways of the UK. Excellent value with our prices starting at just £7995 for used cars and up to £13995 for zero mileage pre-registered cars. Satellite Navigation, Air Conditioning Cruise control are all features on the MG 3 range and of course, that 7 year balance of new car warranty still remains on all Perkins Used and Nearly New MG's.

FORD ECOSPORT - Launched in 2014 the Ecosport is one chic little SUV. With a step in, higher than normal driving position, the Ecosport suits many a pocket and garage spaces. Smooth and frugal with an excellent comfotable ride, its worth a look at if you want something a little different. Cute and stylish all at the same time with some very high specification models in stock.

FORD PUMA - The Puma  is one of the very best cars in its class. In fact, we think its the only small SUV to buy. Its a small (ish) SUV Crossover vehicle based on the Fiesta platform but its taller, and has way more room for pasengers and luggage that one would think possible. Lower riding and sweeter handling than most rivals, the Puma gives a sportier stance on the road and with its efficiency boosting mild hybrid system (MHEV) the power and performance stands out , the fuel economy still stands up to be counted at over 46 mpg average consumption.

FORD FOCUS - Introduced in 1998, the Focus was the replacement  for the Ford Escort in Europe and the UK. Rated highly by customers for durability, comfort and reliability , the Focus has been the go to 5 dr family hatchback for over 25 years. A truly brilliant car with Estate, 5 dr hatch and Crossover ACTIVE models added to the range including EcoBlue diesel variants along with petrol MHEV with manual and Automatic gearboxes available throughout the range or vehicles. You want economy with style, pace and some rather tasty technology to boot, come and give Ford Focus a test drive at Perkins.

MG 4 - All Electric - Simply the best EV hatchback in the market place today. Terrific value with  driving range from 220 to 330 miles on a single charge. Its won all the car magazine and online awards. Its pretty easy to see why. Come and try one of these EV's we have in stock. The technology is incredible and the drive is virtually silent with rear wheel drive push and a luxury feel at teriffic value for money.

MG 5 - The All Electric Estate car. You will see loads of them on the roads. Taxi and Uber drivers love them for the reliability, the 250 miles on a  single charge range and the carrying capacity. Full Leaher trim, Satellite Navigation, Heated Seats. Need we say more!

MG ZS - Now we start to get into the SUV of the 2020's. This car has been a game changer for SUV's in  price for both petrol and full electric vehicles ( EV) . With and EV range of 273 miles on a single charge and prices that are affordable for many EV drivers, the MG ZS EV has been an excellent introduction into the Electric vehicle market place for so many many new customers.The petrol range of MG ZS feature manual and auto gearboxes and low emissions with value insurance and running costs. We stock used up to 5 year old MG ZS and of course up the pre-reg and ex demo vehicles. Come and try our pick of the bunch the MG ZS Exclusive 1.0 T Automatic. Cracking motor car.

FORD KUGA - This is the turn of Ford 's technology to take up the mantle of best SUV out there. 1.5 EcoBLue to 2.5 Litre PHEV Plug in Hybrids, the Ford Kuga is out there , keeping many of us safe and sound on the roads. Launched in 2008 and with 3 new incarnations later, with another new model to come in 2024, this car does indeed fill most of the critereia needed to get you and your family wherever you want to go. Intellegent all wheel drive in some models and brilliant power trains to propel you along. Diesel , Petrol and Petrol HYBRID with Titanium, ST LINE X and VIGNALE models all in stock, we have the car you might want to park on your driveway today.

FORD MONDEO - First built in 1994, the Mondeo was Ford's first  "World car" . A truly global motor car to suit all major markets. We stock 5 dr hatch, 4 door saloon and Estate cars with EcoBLue diesel and HEV Petrol electric HYBRID models. With Titanium, ST LINE X and VIGNALE models, Perkins stock them all. Come and drive the very last incarnation of the Ford Mondeo. We wont see such a versatile car again from Ford until the next round of EV's that hit the market over the next few years. Its s period of change for all drivers with ELECTRIC vehicles on their way in droves as attempt to clean our planet. These cars pass all the strict levels or permissalble emissions we have in our world and whilst the Mondeo is still available to purchase, its well worth consideration. 

MG HS - The HS was a surprise when it came to market in 2018, replacing the loved but low in number of sales GS models. As MG's most luxurious model to date , this car is without doubt worth consideration. We have 1.5 turbocharged 160ps petrol engines with manual and automatic gearbox available, along with the PHEV 260 ps top of the range vehicles also in our stock. The safety suite alone is next level when looking after driver and passenger safety . This car just can't be that good for the money....but we think it is! Come and see for yourself and see how the game  has been upped in the sub £25k category for SUV's.

FORD S MAX and FORD GALAXY - After seeing hundreds of Nearly New and Used Ford S-Max and Galaxy over the last 20+ years, Perkins can't speak highly enough of these 2 stalwarts for the 7 seater MPV's . Robust and reliable with enviable good looks, these 2 people cariiers form Ford cant and won't ever be beaten in the market place of what is the best to own and buy. Over the years , these cars have just got better and better. With all the latest technology, delivering style and comfort for all aboard, if you need a seven seat vehicle, buy an S-Max or a Galaxy .

FORD MUSTANG and MACH-e  - We all know the story of the all American muscle cars of the 60's and 70's. BULLITT with Steve McQueen , Sean Connery in Diamonds are Forever and of course Gone in Sixty Seconds with ELEANOR In that 40 minute car chase with 93 other cars smashed up ( must watch that monvie again) Back to the Future and Basic Instinct up to modern day movies with John Wick....we can go on and on . In  the UK,  we have had the pleasure and excitement of the Ford Mustang GT and Convertible since 2016 and at Perkins, we have enjoyed many miles with the 2.3 EcoBoost and 5.0 V8 cars across England and some of Europe's most challenging mountain roads and passes. Its not a high volume of sales car in the UK but there are plenty of excellent examples that we are always sourcing into our stock. As for the 2021 MACH-e all elecrtric vehicle. Well, that car is at the beginning of its story. With sharp Mustang key visuals around the car and sharp handling with trmendous power and range, the Ford MACH-e is a car to take by the steering wheel and see what it can deliver. We stock standard range, Extended Range, all wheel drive models along with the range topping MACH-e GT with over 800 lbs of tourque at your right foot, its a wonderful and brutal weapon for the road.

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